About the Red Nature of Being

When the world wasnt so different and so the same as now, when birth and death, being the one body, werent limited with arrival and departure, the Earth wasnt itself. The space and the time didnt remember themselves and were still. But when the nature of motion appeared in the world, and the sense became in being the eyes of things have opened. The Earth turned high up and inside, to its heart, to the center of center, to the top of what is a top. The new awakening of each cell, each element, each side. But when the thought came on being, Earth reached the limits of itself. Touched the limits of itself, Earth began to create, and the first creation of genius of thought was creating of itself as The Invigorating Bliss. The aspect of disinterested creating and birth have embodied into primordial essence of the Earth, as the gift to the only-begotten son and husband of the Earth, - to the Beast sitting on the throne, living over the brink of the Red. The aspect of the Red Beast is the essence and the sense of the Earth, its happiness and filling. It totally gives itself to the Beast, as women and mother. Earthly women as the secret of Earth, as the aspect of veritable and perfect universe, takes the precious gift the Red Ruby from the hands of the Beast, sitting on the throne. So, rising by the steps of an ascent, she shades coverings of clear notion, she so removes the reason of mind itself and acquires the sanctity of the highest longing. Water existing inside fire, hidden, secret, everlastingly flowing and calling. It walks to the limit of the only moment, to the endless, uninterrupted and unthinkable sweetness sweetness of the White Milk coming out of the mouth and eyes of the Beast.
So who is the woman?
1. Satisfying drawn hunger?
2. Provoking healthy action?
3. Doesnt provoking stopping?
4. Inheriting the Earth?
5. Identificating actions?
6. Coming at night, shining under the moon light?
7. Respecting by the world?

So, what The White Milk is and where is the truly calm of The White Milk?
Truly calm of The White Milk is the sweetness of the gift of the world. Being not the reason of motion, it existing in the heart of the Earth, being over the limit of Red. The veritable face of the Earth doesnt have any nature of birth and death, not asking and not receiving questions, we see how endless source of White Milk exists not only in the heart of the Earth, but in our hearts too. Comprehension inside and over the limits of the White Milk is the comprehension of the awoken plenty soft core, preceding the shape origin.
Everything comes in its time. When the water comes, it brings the unity of rising and not rising, rising and lack, rising and risen. When you see woman coming out of water, you meet yourself in the moment of totally completed effort of your life. Woman, carrying the White Milk flowing out of edges, divides the world sharply in two. Raising The Morning Star, she brings lightness and comfort of primary participation. When you open the doors of water and hear the voice of its heart, living over the border of Red, you penetrate into concealed calm of veritable sounding. When you bring an offering to the Moon, and respect the world as the aspect of White Wolf, born into The White Milk, coming out of womb of the Beast you reach a woman and engender the new Sun light of veritable calm red passion of your soul. Clearness of The White Milk at the end of the day and clearness of celestial woman body uncovers in the sweetness illumination of an only endless moment. Leaving away and staying, moving and being still, we are waking up the sweet dream of everyday life. Reflecting in the eyes of Carrying Abundance whole world colors, are reflecting in each other, like mind reflecting in every body, like memory reflecting in the body of mind, cross in the circle and future limit chasm. Reflecting in the hart of each other, we discover in ourselves the secret of divine achievement, real secret of the Beasts penetration, which presents itself in attraction of two instincts. The truth of sexual penetration is unthinkable without red merging in the body of the Beast, which is granted to us by The Invigorating Genius of The Earth. As the sense of difference and unity The Red Genius covers The Earth in freedom of primordial agreement and decision. So, fecundating The Earth, he gives birth to himself in the past, present and future, as the sense of The Earth and secret of thing.
So, what the sexual immersion is for you?
1. Cold and heat.
2. Naturalness and purity of prosperity
3. The spring of your heart
4. The paradox of overcame an obstacle
5. Flame inside the body of flame
Here is the world I am leaving for you and here is the light I am carrying for you, - this is what The Morning Star light says. When black sky is like palace, and white Sun the light inside it, the moon of gone away forebears is landing on the earth. It moves the stairs of The Morning Star and, appearing, leaves red red, white white, black black. Moon doesnt change the world, it follows the naturalness. Moon reflects in The Morning Stars eyes light, like Beasts heart reflects in The White Milk of The White Wolf. Come in the moon light, forebears awake in the evening of day. The moment when reflections of all appearances and this world actions are merging, when earth life dream enters the reflection of The Morning Star dream, The White Wolf merging the body of The Moon - forebears world lights us, and we enter the eye socket of The Awoken Grace. The Awoken Graces eye socket Is the vital ocean of gone forebears eternity. Forgetting ourselves, simplifying our coming and leaving, we follow the immaterial sense of forebears The Awoken Grace. We become what will never be anything. Watching ourselves in our dreams, being the dreams of our forebears dreams, being the dreams of dreams and being the dreams of what has never been, we forget not only sense of eternity ocean motion, but ourselves. So, we are getting The Holiness of Constancy. Wandering inside the Moons body, inside the Wolfs womb and in the center of The Awoken Grace, we are remaining being moving off, awaking being sleeping and stopping being constantly non-stop. Forebears say: We penetrated through by the world light, the world is reflecting in the light, the circle becomes cycled. The emptinesss light of The Awoken Grace forms the ring, presented to the world in the constellation of Ancestral Rings of gone away Ancestors.
So how to compare the grace of ancestors with the red nature of being?
1. In desire of the Earth?
2. In consciousness of free aspiration?
3. In reflected water of unknown means?
4. In awakening of itself?
5. In truly giving up?
6. In formation of clear fragrance?
7. In perverted manifestation?
8. In something common
The typical property of one doesnt contradict the properties of another. Water sees water, but mirror sees a dream. One mountain moves and other remains inactively. So, careful carelessness positively affects the constancy of other. One sleeps and other is active whole day and night long. Either one or other are sincerely sly, sincerely remaining out of limits and sincerely prospering. Being still inexplicable either one or other are in the indissoluble accordance.
Forebears say: My late world disappears with each possibility of longed-for disappearance. It means the power of exfoliation and oneself losses are identical the aspiration of boundless universe. The virtue of awakening goes out of enlightenment limits. Forebears say: I biding farewells each moment moving farther away. I have frozen in an immovable motion, remaining for ever.
So, how to compare the grace of ancestors with the red nature of being?
In something common

Yuri Zvezdniy
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